Epitome Coffee in Spandau is the perfect spot for coffee connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers alike. Nestled in a charming neighbourhood, this cafe oozes cool vibes and a relaxed atmosphere.

The interior design is minimalistic, yet cosy – think white walls, wooden furniture and plenty of natural light. The menu is simple and straightforward, but with a unique twist – they offer unique espresso blends as well as a variety of single-origin coffees. Whether you’re looking for something light and fruity or something more bold and complex, they’ve got you covered.

On top of the coffee, the cafe also serves up a range of seasonal pastries, cakes, and sandwiches. The food is freshly prepared and always delicious.

Aside from the coffee and food, the cafe also has a great selection of books and magazines, perfect for those looking to relax and enjoy a good read. The staff are always friendly and welcoming, and they are happy to help you find the perfect brew.

If you’re in the Spandau area and looking for a great spot to get your caffeine fix, be sure to check out Epitome Coffee. You won’t be disappointed!

FAQ About Epitome Coffee

Q: What is Epitome Coffee in Spandau?
A: Epitome Coffee in Spandau is a specialty coffee shop located in Berlin, Germany. We source, roast and serve the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. Our menu includes espresso, cappuccino, latte, cold brew, pour over, and specialty drinks. We also offer a variety of pastries, breakfast items, and light lunch items.

Q: Where is Epitome Coffee located?
A: Epitome Coffee is located in Spandau, Berlin. Our address is Hauptstr. 157, 13597 Berlin.

Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: Our hours of operation are Monday–Friday 8:00 am–6:00 pm, Saturday–Sunday 9:00 am–5:00 pm.

Q: Is there an online menu available?
A: Yes, our online menu is available on our website. You can view it here: https://www.epitomecoffee.de/menu

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Q: Are there any special offers or discounts available?
A: Yes, we offer a 10% discount to students and seniors. We also offer a loyalty program – customers earn a stamp for every purchase and can redeem them for discounts on future purchases.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi available?
A: Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi for our customers.

Q: Can I order food and drinks for take-out?
A: Yes, we offer take-out orders. Please contact us to place an order