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Must-Try Spätis in Berlin: Discover the Best Late-Night Shops for Drinks, Snacks, and Surprises!

Spätis are a Berlin institution, and we’ve rounded up some of the best late night shops in town! What would Berlin be without the humble späti? There’s no better place for a long summer night than a bench in front of your favourite späti, engrossed in deep conversation and having “just one more” drink. Here are 12 of the best (and most unusual) spätis in Berlin to check out. #BerlinSpätis #LateNightShops

Kanki Shop is perfect for the morning after a night out. Specializing in freshly-squeezed juices, the owner offers ten different mixed juices in three sizes. Orange-carrot-ginger, banana-strawberry, and pomegranate-melon are just a few. This späti is a great option for a healthier start to your day. #FreshJuices #HealthyOptions

Kuki’s Kompaktkauf was on the verge of closing permanently due to the pandemic, but the owner made it through. Kuki’s supports the neighbourhood’s homeless population with free meals and drinks. Recently, the späti began hosting cultural events like parties and readings. It’s always great to see small businesses giving back to their community. #CommunitySupport #CulturalEvents

The Admirals Kiosk in Kreuzberg is one of the best in town. People have been getting drinks and sweets here for over 20 years. The soda selection is excellent, as is the beer. It’s a must-visit spot for tourists and Berliners alike. #KreuzbergSpäti #DrinksAndSweets

E4 on Eberswalder Straße offers all beers for one euro, making it a dangerous option. It’s a classic späti with chocolate, lighters and tobacco, chewing gum, and chips. This is the perfect option if you’re looking for a cheap drink. #OneEuroBeers #ClassicSpäti

Sunside Spätkauf in Wedding is a great late-night establishment. If you’re a smoker, there’s an added bonus: tobacco and rolling paper or a pack of cigarettes always comes with a free lighter. Sunside offers a small selection of household essentials and groceries as well as a large selection of drinks. In summer, you can also enjoy a drink on the table outside. #WeddingSpäti #FreeLighter

The Sterk Shop in Wilmersdorf is one of those late-night shops where the atmosphere is so good you just feel like hanging out. The shop usually plays reggae or South American music. But Sterk also sells homemade cakes, makes excellent coffee, and offers all kinds of breakfast specialties, from hummus to delicious shakes. #LateNightHangout #HomemadeCakes

The Liquor Shop opposite KitKat is a great point of contact for party people. It has a great selection of drinks and is surrounded by some of Berlin’s most notorious clubs. This is the perfect spot to grab a drink before a night of partying. Don’t forget to try the Japanese biscuits too! #PartySpot #GreatDrinks

Der Laden in Friedrichshain has a good selection of drinks and ice cream, making it a great option for a summer evening. We suggest taking your drinks to the green strip directly opposite, which is a pleasant place to relax. Speaking of summer – Der Laden also stocks some above-average ice creams. #IceCream #SummerEvenings

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  1. “Who needs a knight in shining armor when you can have a Späti in Berlin?! These little late-night gems are like the superheroes of convenience, saving our thirsty souls and grumbling stomachs at any hour. I mean, where else can you find a place that sells beer, chips, and random household items all under one roof? It’s like a treasure hunt every time! Prost to the Spätis, the unsung heroes of Berlin’s nightlife!”

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