Hidden Bars on Oranienburger Straße

Hidden Bars on Oranienburger Straße

Settle in, my friends, because we are about to embark on a magical, frothy journey down one of Berlin’s most enigmatic and diverse boulevards. Picture this – you’re strolling down Oranienburger Straße, the lights are low, the night is young, and you’re in search of that elusive hidden bar to sip on a drink and soak in the city’s vibes. But, where oh where to begin? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, with a list that’s so hot off the press, it might just ignite your beer stein!

First stop, we stumble upon John Muir. Nestled down Skalitzer Straße, this gem is as elusive as they come. You might walk past it a dozen times before you realize that the nondescript door actually leads to a cocktail paradise. Named after the American naturalist, this bar has a wilderness theme, which is fitting because finding it is akin to a wilderness expedition. But once inside, oh boy, it’s a different world. Dim lighting, rustic wooden furnishings, and a killer menu of expertly crafted cocktails. Their whiskey sour could probably solve world peace – it’s that good!

Next, we saunter down to Madame Claude. This one’s a real trip, literally. An upside-down bar with furniture on the ceiling, it’s like stepping into an alternate universe where gravity forgot to show up. This quirky joint, located in a former brothel, is the embodiment of Berlin’s eccentric spirit. They host regular music nights and the drinks are as heady as the decor. Just remember to watch your step, or you might end up on the ceiling too.

Moving on, we find ourselves at Klunkerkranich. This rooftop gem is atop the Neukölln Arcaden shopping centre. To find it, you have to navigate through a parking garage, up a ramp, past the potted plants. Sounds like a treasure hunt, right? But, it’s worth it, I promise. The view is to die for, and the ambiance is a delicious blend of hipster cool and laid-back lounge. The drinks aren’t half bad either.

Then there’s Eschschloraque Rümschrümp. Try saying that after a few drinks! Hidden in a courtyard off Oranienburger Straße, you’ll find this eclectic bar with its unmistakable carnival vibe. The decor is an explosion of chaos and creativity, and the drink list is equally adventurous. It’s like stepping into a Salvador Dali painting, but with beer!

Now, let’s swing by Tausend Cantina. Discreetly located under the S-Bahn arches, there’s no sign, just a steel door and a doorbell. Inside, it’s a sleek, modern space with a ceiling that looks like a spaceship and cocktails that will transport you to another galaxy. It’s swanky, it’s chic, it’s so secret that even James Bond would be impressed.

Continuing our journey, we stumble upon Zur letzten Instanz, the oldest bar in Berlin. Tucked away down a quiet street, it’s been serving up brews since 1621. That’s right, this place is older than your grandma’s grandma’s grandma. The walls have seen more history than a textbook, and the beer? Well, let’s just say it’s aged to perfection.

Next up, we’ve got the Prater Garten. As Berlin’s oldest beer garden, it’s a must-visit. Sure, it’s not exactly hidden, but it’s tucked away enough that you might miss it if you’re not looking. Do yourself a favor and order a pint of their home-brewed Pilsner. Trust me, it’s as refreshing as jumping into the Spree on a hot summer day.

And just when you think we’re done, I’ve got another one for you. Buck and Breck, a speakeasy style bar that’s as hush-hush as they come. With only 14 seats and a nondescript facade, you’d never guess that this place is home to some of the best cocktails in the city.

Well, there you have it, folks. A whirlwind tour of Oranienburger Straße’s hidden bar scene. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur, a beer aficionado, or just a curious wanderer, there’s a spot on this list for you. And remember, the best part of exploring is stumbling upon your own secret spots. So, get out there and start discovering! Prost!

But wait, there’s more! Berlin is a city that never sleeps, and our bar hopping adventure is far from over. So, buckle up, grab your stein, and let’s dive back into the labyrinth of hidden bars and speakeasies that make Oranienburger Straße the pulsating artery of Berlin’s nightlife.

If you thought we were done, oh, you sweet summer child! There’s always more in Berlin, and we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for the next round of hidden gems that make this city the cocktail capital of the world. Don’t worry, I’ll be right here, ready to guide you through the maze of cobblestone streets and clandestine watering holes. So, keep those beer goggles on and let’s get back to it. Prost, again!

Helpful Q&A:

Q: What’s the story behind Oranienburger Straße’s hidden bars?
A: Oranienburger Straße, a lively street in Berlin’s Mitte district, has a rich history that’s as intoxicating as the spirits poured in its hidden bars. The street, once a vibrant center of Jewish life in the city, has transformed over the years, bearing witness to the changing face of Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the area became a hot spot for artists and musicians, and many of the abandoned buildings were converted into creative spaces and, you guessed it, bars! Now, these hidden bars serve as eclectic remnants of the past, housing within their walls stories of resilience, creativity, and cultural metamorphosis. Each bar has its own distinctive character and charm, like the art-nouveau style Absinth Depot Berlin, or the edgy and alternative Pauly Saal. They’re not always easy to find – some are tucked away in courtyards, behind unassuming doors, or even beneath street level, but that’s part of the adventure!

Q: How can I find these hidden bars?
A: Well, my friend, you’re in for a real-life treasure hunt. Some of these bars, like the infamous Madame Claude, are hidden in plain sight, disguised as normal buildings. Others, like the Tausend bar, require a keen eye to spot the unmarked door. However, the best way to discover these hidden gems is by striking up a conversation with the locals. Berliners love sharing their city’s secrets and you’ll find that a friendly chat can often lead to the best recommendations. Alternatively, keep an eye out for queues forming in seemingly random places – a sure sign that you’re onto something good. In the end, finding these bars is a bit like a game of hide and seek, and trust me, the prize is well worth the search!

Q: Are these bars expensive?
A: Well, compared to a standard Berlin kneipe (pub), these hidden bars might seem a bit pricey. But remember, you’re not just paying for a drink, you’re paying for an experience. Most of these bars offer a unique atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Whether it’s sipping a cocktail in a former public toilet at Das Klo or enjoying a beer in the rustic, candlelit environment of Krumme Lanke, there’s a story in every sip. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from 8 to 12 euros for a cocktail, but look at it this way – it’s a small price to pay for a taste of Berlin’s hidden history!

Q: Are there any rules I should be aware of while visiting these bars?
A: Ah, rules, schmules. But seriously, while Berlin is known for its laid-back atmosphere, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, respect the bar’s vibe. Some places like Fairytale Bar have a dress code, while others like Eschschloraque Rümschrümp encourage a more casual look. Second, be patient. These bars are often small and get crowded quickly, so you might have to wait for a seat. And finally, don’t spoil the secret! Part of the charm of these bars is their clandestine nature, so keep the locations to yourself. Because remember, what happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin!

Q: Any particular hidden bar you’d personally recommend?
A: Ah, picking a hidden bar is like choosing a favorite child, they’re all special in their own way. But if I had to choose, I’d recommend Klunkerkranich. It’s a rooftop bar hidden atop a parking garage in Neukölln. The bar offers a stunning panoramic view of the city, and the vibe is very Berlin – laid-back, artsy, and a bit quirky. Plus, they have a great selection of drinks and often host live music and DJs. Just remember, it’s tricky to find, so look for the elevators and follow the signs… or the sound of laughter and clinking glasses. And when you find it, remember – you didn’t hear it from me!

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