Berlin's Best Vegan Eateries and Their Stories

Berlin’s Best Vegan Eateries and Their Stories

If you’re planning on visiting Berlin and you’re a vegan, or even if you’re just a local Berliner looking to indulge in some plant-based cuisine, you’re in for a treat. You might think that being in the country that gave birth to the Bratwurst would be a vegan’s worst nightmare, but, oh boy, you couldn’t be more mistaken. This city is a vegan paradise, filled with a plethora of delicious eateries that could make even the most carnivorous mouth water. Let’s dive into the world of vegan dining in Berlin, shall we?

First off, let’s talk about “The Bowl”, a spot that’s as cool as its name. Located above the vegan supermarket Veganz in Friedrichshain, The Bowl boasts a menu filled with raw and vegan dishes, all served in, you guessed it, bowls! How hipster does that sound? But wait until you try their Buddha Bowl, a divine medley of quinoa, avocado, sweet potato and greens. This place practically screams clean eating. If you happen to be there, ask them about the story behind their name. It’s a long tale involving a Tibetan monk, a lost yak, and a well-timed joke about German efficiency.

Next up, we have “Let It Be”. No, it’s not just a Beatles song, it’s also a charming vegan crêperie and burger bar in Neukölln. The owners, two punk-rock enthusiasts, named all their dishes after their favourite musicians. How about a Patty Smith crêpe or a Morrissey burger? You can even enjoy an Ian MacKaye cocktail, just don’t ask them to play any Meatloaf songs, okay? You’ll love their story about how they once served a burger to Iggy Pop.

Moving on, we have “AtayaCaffe” in Prenzlauer Berg. It’s a vegan/vegetarian Italian and African Fusion restaurant. The owners, Elisabetta and Bachir, provide a homey, welcoming atmosphere where they serve a delicious mix of Sardinian and Senegalese cuisine. Ever tried vegan lasagna with a side of spicy Jollof rice? Well, here’s your chance. The couple has an adorable story about how they met in a cooking class in Rome and decided to open a restaurant together. It’s like a vegan version of ‘Lady and the Tramp’, but with less spaghetti and more couscous.

Then there’s “Brammibal’s Donuts”. What started as a tiny market stall has grown into a wildly popular vegan donut shop with several locations across the city. Their donuts are so tasty, you’ll forget they’re vegan. They have a great story about how they started – a late-night conversation between friends, a dare to make a vegan donut and a lot of trial and error. Rumour has it, they once sold out in just two hours.

Next on our list, “SOY”. This Vietnamese restaurant in Mitte is a vegan’s dream come true. From Pho to Bánh Mì, they’ve veganized all your favourite Vietnamese dishes. The owner, a Berliner who fell in love with Vietnamese cuisine during a backpacking trip, decided to open SOY after finding a lack of vegan options in the city’s Asian restaurants. He has a hilarious story about how he once accidentally ordered a dish with chicken in Hanoi and had to mime his way out of it.

For the pizza lover in you, there’s “Sfizy Veg”. This vegan pizzeria in Friedrichshain offers over 50 different types of vegan pizzas. The owners, two Italian brothers, learned about veganism during a trip to Berlin and decided to open Sfizy Veg. Their ‘Cheesus Christ’ pizza, topped with four kinds of vegan cheese, is a revelation. They have a funny anecdote about how they once convinced a skeptical Italian grandma that her beloved Margherita could be made vegan and still taste great.

Last but not least, we have “Vöner”. This place serves one of Berlin’s most beloved fast foods – the Döner Kebab, but vegan-style. Their Seitan Döner is a must-try. The owner, a former Döner Kebab cook turned vegan, decided to veganize the classic Berlin dish after his daughter became vegan. He has a heartwarming story about how his daughter taught him about veganism and inspired him to change his life.

Well, there you have it, a whirlwind tour of Berlin’s vegan scene. These eateries aren’t just serving food, they’re serving stories, passion, and a whole lot of love. So, next time you’re in Berlin, ditch the Bratwurst and go for the vegan option. Who knows, you might even bump into a Tibetan monk looking for his yak.

Helpful Q&A:

Q: What is the vegan scene like in Berlin?

A: Oh, let me tell you, the vegan scene in Berlin is like nowhere else in the world. It’s as vibrant and diverse as the city itself. We’ve got everything from high-end gourmet restaurants serving exquisite plant-based meals, to cosy little cafes offering hearty vegan comfort food. There are even vegan supermarkets! And the best part? It’s all incredibly delicious – you won’t miss the meat, I promise.

Q: What are some of the best vegan eateries in the city?

A: Berlin is a vegan paradise, my friend! For starters, there’s Kopps, a high-end restaurant with a creative and super tasty vegan menu. Then we have The Bowl, a place that serves dishes so beautifully presented, you’ll want to Instagram every bite. If you’re in the mood for something comforting, Goodies Cafe has got you covered with their vegan sandwiches and pastries. And let’s not forget about Brammibal’s Donuts, where you can indulge in a variety of decadent vegan donuts.

Q: Can you tell me more about the story behind some of these eateries?

A: Sure, every good meal comes with a good story, right? Kopps was founded by Bjoern Moschinski, a chef who decided to challenge the stereotype that vegan food is bland and boring. He wanted to show how diverse and delicious plant-based cuisine can be, and boy, did he succeed! The Bowl was created by David and Nicole, a couple who believed in the power of clean eating. They wanted to provide a place where people can enjoy food that’s not only good for them but also good for the planet. Goodies Cafe was started by a group of friends who were frustrated with the lack of vegan options in Berlin. They started by selling vegan sandwiches and pastries at festivals and eventually opened their own cafe. And Brammibal’s Donuts? It was founded by a couple who simply loved donuts and wanted to make a vegan version that’s just as delicious as the original.

Q: Are these places only for vegans?

A: Oh, absolutely not! While these places serve vegan food, they are open to everyone. In fact, many of their customers are not vegans but simply people who appreciate good food. It’s all about exploring new flavors and enjoying meals that are good for you and good for the planet. So whether you’re a lifelong vegan, a curious carnivore or somewhere in between, you’re more than welcome to dine at these establishments.

Q: How do these eateries source their ingredients?

A: Sustainability is a big part of the ethos of these places. They source their ingredients from local farmers and suppliers to minimize their carbon footprint. Seasonal, organic produce is a big deal here. For instance, The Bowl places great emphasis on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients in their dishes, and Goodies Cafe gets their organic bread from a local bakery.

Q: What’s your favorite vegan joke?

A: Oh, I’ve got a good one for you: Why don’t vegans play chess? Because they can’t stand the idea of harming any of their pawns!

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